O Progresso, the quarterly newsletter of PHCS published annually, March, June, September, December, included in membership.

O Progresso

As an outgrowth of the original committee the bulletin developed to inform associates became a full-fledged newsletter, taking its name 0 PROGRESSO (The Progress) from an early Portuguese newspaper edited by Alfred Silva from 1933 to 1940.  Membership was developed to support distribution so that persons would receive the newsletter and become informed of other activities of the Society.  Each March issue contains a Master Calendar of local Portuguese related events. 

The newsletter has had three editors in 30 years:  Lionel Rocha Holmes produced the newsletter for over 22 years; Carol Ann Gregory held the post for two years, and Marilia Coquim Wiget has held the post since 2005.  Currently, the editor is Mary Ann Marshall.